The Mysterious Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar

A missing child, a family desperate for answers, and an accused kidnapper facing the death penalty are all pieces in the disappearance of Bobby Dunbar. At that time called the crime of the century, Dunbar's kidnapping became one of the most mysterious disappearances in history. For all the scrutiny placed upon this case, no one really knows what happened to Bobby Dunbar.

The story began on an August day in 1912, when the Dunbar family visited the swamp on a picnic. Four-year-old Bobby wandered off without a trace, igniting an eight months search for their child. But when the police arrested a drifter with a young child, the Dunbars weren't sure the boy was really Bobby. And another woman claimed the child was her son Bruce.

With two mothers fighting over the same boy, and an accused kidnapper facing the death penalty, the case of Bobby Dunbar quickly became a media sensation. But did the courts rule correctly? It wasn't until nearly a century later, with the help of modern technology, that people learned what became of Bobby Dunbar.

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