I became a freelance writer and researcher after earning a Ph.D in History and gaining tenure as a history professor at an R1 university. I specialize in content writing, blog writing, legal and business writing, and storytelling. And I also write fiction under the pen name Sylvia Prince.



As a historian, I know how to tell a good story. I have applied my storytelling skills in designing outreach information that appeals to customers, clients, and partners. In 2018, for example, I wrote the text for a legal firm's press kit, working with a graphic designer to create a clean, modern look to appeal to referring attorneys. 

Legal and Business Writing

My portfolio includes legal writing, business writing, technical writing, and science writing. As a professor, I taught the history of science, medicine, and technology, skills which I now use in content writing on science topics.

I am also the content writer and editor for Working Now and Then, an employment law site with content on workers' rights and the history of labor.

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Article Writing

I regularly contribute to Ranker's Weird History page, both pitching story ideas and writing pieces based on an editor's pitch. I have also written history articles for Atlas Obscura and articles on higher education for Best Colleges and other higher ed websites. 

Read some of my top articles below. 

Blog Writing

Blogs appeal to customers and drive websites to the top of search results. I write short-form and long-form blog posts, including regular blog writing for an automotive services provider and an insurance company. I apply SEO writing techniques to create authoritative, persuasive, and informative blog posts.

Historical Fiction

I also write historical fiction under the pen name Sylvia Prince, writing intense, page-turning novels that bring the past to life. My first novel, The Lion and the Fox, imagines Machiavelli as a detective, trying to earn his way into favor by solving a Medici murder.

My other works include Salem Mean Girls, which retells the Salem witch trials in the style of Mean GirlsThe Zorzi Affair, the story of a Venetian patrician's daughter who disguises herself as a boy to study science with Galileo, and A Matter of Glass.

Sylvia Prince's novels are available on Amazon. Learn more at Sylvia Prince Books

Academic Writing

As a history professor, I published a book with the University of Chicago Press and multiple articles in top journals. I also wrote scholarly book reviews and presented papers at international conferences. 

Selected Publications

Worldly Consumers: The Demand for Maps in Renaissance Italy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, June 2015

“Viewing the World: Women, Religion, and the Audience for Maps in Early Modern Venice,”  Terrae Incognitae, v. 48 no. 1 (2016), pp. 15-36

“The World Drawn from Nature: Imitation and Authority in Sixteenth-Century Cartography,” Intellectual History Review, v. 24 no. 3, 2014

“Making an Impression: The Display of Maps in Sixteenth-Century Venetian Homes,” Imago Mundi, v. 64 no. 1, January 2012