I'm a freelance writer with a Ph.D in History from Northwestern University and an award-winning portfolio. I produce high-quality, authoritative content writing. 



• Historical Topics

• Higher Education

• Science and Medicine

• Legal and Business Writing


Diving into History

As a writer for Ranker, I dive into weird history to explore the real-life Beauty and the Beast, 18th century wax models made from corpses, and surprising pirate traditions. Combined, those three articles reached over 7 million readers. I have also written for Atlas Obscura and higher education websites.

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Storytelling Solutions

I know how to tell a story. From reaching struggling college students to explaining complicated legal information, I provide storytelling solutions. My work covers a broad range, from why there's nitrogen in potato chip bags to the history of sexual orientation discrimination law.

Academic Scholarship

In addition to content writing, I published Worldly Consumers with the University of Chicago Press. I’ve written multiple academic articles that appear in top historical journals. And I also earned tenure with a unanimous vote at every step of the process from an R1 university.